Boston Pets - Worst customer service / grooming EVER

Reston, Virginia 1 comment
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I decided to try Boston Pet on 114 in Peabody.I figured whomever owns this business must know what they are doing to put a small pet store offering grooming right betwenn two corporate giants (Petco / Pet Smart).

I quickly found out that the location must have been a huge oversite to the owner of Boston Pet because nobody knew anything about grooming AT ALL. My dog was completely uneven, smelled like it hadn't been bathed and someone forgot to call when she was ready.

The woman who groomed him had a weird name and thick accent and was so rude when I asked to have the hair trimmed in spots saying she had been grooming for a whole 5 years.What a joke!

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Im workin on a service for people like u.Who bounce around without a clue to who is grooming your family member(pet).I find this is in great demand.

If u want i can give u pointers on what ever u need to know about finding a quality(not quantity) groomer(unfortunenately its hard).Because we groom for two reasons only! For the love of pets or the love of money. That determines the result of what your pet looks like. Ialent versus/just business.

its a dog eatdog world in grooming.:cry

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